India Pavilion – Har Stand Kuch Kheta Hai!!

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Like every house has its own story, similarly all stalls have their own story. The theme, design, colour combinations and other things. All these things put together tell the story about the company, its legacy, position, mission, vision, values, etc.

And this volume of newsletter is going to cover the story of one such stand of Indian Banks Association, India Pavilion at SIBOS 2014, Boston. This India Pavilion had the theme of “India- Waves of Opportunity”. To execute this theme from paper to structure there were certain elements which were worked upon like, shape, material, lights, branding and status. So let’s join the all these points together in the below mentioned story.


India Pavilion – Waves Concept


To show these waves of opportunity it was decided that wave element (Shape) will be used on the ceiling of this India Pavilion. But then how do we show this wave element as even the fluidity of it should be highlighted as well. Hence it was decided that we will use a fabric (material) to make these waves. And hence, India Pavilion had huge waves with a stretch fabric on it hanging from the ceiling giving the stand a nice and fluid look.


India Pavilion – Waves Of Progress

Next the India Pavilion had to have connect with the country and the wave element. Hence a blue colour light was used for the overall illumination of stand to represent the water element and the Indian tricolor and ledge as part of the India Pavilion to show which country the stand belonged.


India Pavilion – Waves Of Opportunity

And last but not the least is to show the leadership and front runner aspect. This two aspects in India Pavilion were highlighted by taking full height of the stand and bold and prominent branding. The India Pavilion had the maximum height making its branding and waves visible from every angle of the hall.


India Pavilion – Waves Of Opportunity

And now if you put all these above aspects together in one line you can know who the India Pavilion theme had been put together to narrate a story of “ India – Waves Of Opportunity

Please visit the completed project here India Pavillion