LocationMumbai, India
Size2500 sqft


First Rain’s new design HQ is constructed to be “The Happy Place”. The open office is the true reflection of First Rain’s open culture and open opportunities. The all-glass conference room at the centre is strategically positioned. An enclosed alley opens up to central studio space where each function has its own workstations, including neatly allocated space for interns. The exposed black ceiling along with the red sprinkler pipes and exposed air-conditioning ducts lends an industrial feel to space. The breakout space has a mini-series of steps and a community table for group lunches and loads of fun. Green plants, hand-painted graphics interspersed with Zen tangles, original artworks and mini installations make this space feel at home. Appealing to all the senses, space also boasts of concert sound and audio systems. So next time if you are around, please feel free to drop in for a cup of coffee.