Area10200 sqft


First Rain designed a multi-storey office as a commercial interior designer in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The Granite and Ceramics showroom on the first and second floor was also designed by our team. The concept for office interiors was proposed according to their requirements. It did accommodate all their employees, providing them with a pleasant work environment. The visual sight of the office was clean and modern. The colour palette for the office was inspired by the client’s company logo. However, it was completed within astipulated budget and a well-planned time frame. Talking about the show-room, it was given a modern look. The prime motive was to display all the products of the clients in unique ways providing them with a vision of these products.


Taking into account the client’s functional requirements, a mood board was proposed along with 3D renders. Also, an overall layout with the placement of furniture and elements were provided. Nine different displays were conveyed for various products in the showroom. The First Rain Team designed an open office layout for the junior staff and closed cabins for the senior staff. Different designer patterns on the floor, using their products were introduced to increase the glamour of the space. An open canteen was built on the terrace with a recreation zone which included an amphitheatre and a table tennis court. A beautiful geometric pattern was proposed with a façade design made out of glass and acrylic.


Concept: After studying the Client’s brief, we conceptualized a commercial design for every room and issued 3D renders and mood boards for a better understanding of the client.

Recce: Our project managers arranged a recce of the site to measure and check if any challenges might arise while executing the project.

BOQ: A formal commercial proposal was then worked out.

Technical Drawing: Post the design was approved; we made technical drawings for the production & execution of the office

Palette: Simultaneously, we worked on developing a material and colour palette, upholstery and furniture selection for every floor to give it the desired look and feel.

Co-ordination: From the start of taking up the project until the time it’s executed, First Rain coordinated with the client and the vendors.
Project Supervision: Our project managers were present on-site to make sure all the tasks were running on time and the execution process was going on smoothly