SIBOS 2014, Boston A Huge Success

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SIBOS is the world’s premier financial services event. It is organized by SWIFT for the entire financial industry. It is three in one combination i.e. an annual conference, exhibition and networking events. Every year it happens in different countries around the world and last time it Boston, USA.

In 2014, SIBOS was hosted one of World’s Strongest Economic Power – USA. It was held in Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Massachusetts, USA. This is one of the largest exhibition Centre in Northern United States with around 5, 16,000 sq feet of area. And the main exhibition floor comprises three bays which can be isolated for separate shows or linked into one large space.


SIBOS, Boston

SIBOS is a huge exhibition and conference with around 200 exhibitors and 7000 business leaders coming from across the globe on one platform for 4 days. And out of these 200 exhibitors 80% of them were the big stalls standing high and showing off their leadership in that Industry.


The venue of SIBOS 2014 was at a very center and prime location i.e. it was accessible from all the public transports. All the five start hotels were also in nearby vicinity. It also had all the eating out joints and home depot near to it making it easy for the exhibitors and visitors.


Bill Gates, SIBOS, Boston

The main attraction of SIBOS 2014 was a session address by Bill Gates. As he is the Guru of this financial segment. And in this SIBOS 2014 exhibition the India pavilion at SIBOS 2014, Boston, USA was shining to its glory and its bold branding saying it alound “India Waves of Progress”.


And SIBOS 2015 destination is Singapore from 12-15th October.