Connect with Customers with these 3 Strategies and Generate New Leads Even if you Cannot Meet them Face to Face

We understand that Exhibitions are a critical part of your marketing strategy. It has always opened up opportunities to connect with customers and generate new business. Cancellation of exhibitions must have restricted the connections.

So here are 3 ways that we recommend which can mitigate the risk of not being connected to your customers.

Strategy 1: Setup a scale model of your stall at your premises

In a contingent situation like this, exhibitions ought to be canceled at a short notice. But, what would you do when your stand builder has already constructed your stand? You can always take this opportunity to build a scale model.

This could be done at their warehouse, your factory, or office. You need not set up the entire stand. Rather you can decide on the size based on the key communication needs. Like product displays, new product introductions, demo zones, etc. 

Plan your communication & key takeaways for attendees. Strategize on how to engage your visitors in order to retain their attention.

Here are the steps you can follow to execute this successfully:

1. Set up the exhibits at the desired premises with the help of your stand builder

2. Use digital marketing agency/ Influencer Marketing to promote, prospect, and get appointments.

3. Use LinkedIn for targeted marketing. To schedule the appointments, you can use software like Calendly.

4. Also, you can set up a two-way interactive meeting capability using conferencing technology. You can consider adding service capability like to play corporate film, make a presentation, send collaterals, etc.

5. Like the trade shows, fix the virtual Trade Show schedule for 2-3 days, every Quarter to give a wide time frame.

6. Train your staff with a script and demonstrations for the two-way interactive meetings

7. Monitor interactions during trade show days to help you capture the hot leads

8. Review analytics interactions post-show

9. Follow up with the people who engaged with you and continue the loop

Here’s how Suja Juice did it in the wake of the cancellation of Natural Products Expo

1. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/suja-juice_expowest2020-naturalproducts-expowest-activity-6640989232494194688-1fbL/

2. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ashley-walkup-31a16019b_brands-marketing-newhope-activity-6648994699296206849-qBhl

…. And here’s Organifi at the same show


Strategy 2 – Setup your private exhibition with a virtual stall

With the social distancing norms, it might be a while before you can meet your customers at the next trade show. However, that does not mean you cannot engage with them virtually. With the advancement of 3D & Virtual Reality technologies, virtual interactions can be made as interesting and as engaging as face to face meetings. Thus, you can organize your own private exhibition online and connect with customers.

So, here is a step by step guide as to what you need to do to make this successful:

1. Finalize the objectives that you want to achieve from the virtual stall. Be it showcasing products, customer intimacy, buying experience, order fulfillment or something else.

2. Now, based on the above objectives jot down the process flow required at the virtual stand. In case, if you need help you can always connect with us at First Rain where we have developed an exciting solution to meet this need.

3. Work with an expert and create the virtual exhibition stand

4. Lastly, design and execute your virtual exhibition stall campaign

5. Use digital marketing agency to promote, prospect, & get appointments to attend the trade show for existing customers & new prospects.

Strategy 3 – Participate in an Industry-specific Virtual Exhibition

Although there were Virtual trade shows, the current situation has actually helped with the adoption. The real question is how early you are able to adopt it as a part of your promotional mix.

There is a consensus however that virtual fair will never replace the charm of a face to face interaction, it will only amplify it. Hence, comes the promise of hybrid fairs. That means there will be a mix of online and offline interaction. Also, these hybrid fairs are bound to increase in the coming times.

While it’s easier for content-led conferences to go virtual easily, even mainstream exhibitions & coming on board. The humongous China Import & Export fair in China is slated to take place online this year. Many other exhibitions have created their digital experiences online in the wake of cancellations. Notable amongst them are Coverings Connected ( Stone ), Vitafoods Digital Week ( Ingredients & Excipients), and many more.

Here is a stepwise guide to selection, participation, maximization of your virtual exhibition participation.

1. Research about the upcoming virtual exhibitions in your industry

2. If already connected with the organizer find out the possibilities of interaction offerings available including but not limited to virtual stand design, product showcase videos, virtual networking, webinars, etc.

3. Create awareness regarding your participation. Create ad campaigns to spread awareness about the virtual trade show. This can be as simple as introducing your brand and how you can attend and meet them online!

4. Work with the organizers to collect analytics about interactions at your stand. Including visitor data, video views, brochure requests, visiting card exchanges, and any other information that may be able to provide.

5. Use the above data to work on a post-show follow-up campaign

Here is how the IVF Congress Worldwide repurposed to offer an online experience complete with Registrations, Lectures, Webinars and a Trade Area:


Here is an industry-wise list of virtual/ hybrid shows which you can attend


If you want more information on any of the above solutions, feel free to connect with our Director, Niloy Debnath at [email protected] or connect with us on +91 92121 69000.