Exhibiting Multi-Brands Under Same Banner in your Exhibition Booth

Exhibitions can be tricky when it comes to exhibiting multi-brands under one roof. Significant planning is required while demarking the areas inside the stall to ensure each brand gets its importance and doesn’t get lost among others. Below are some pointers you must consider while planning and briefing your exhibition stall designer to help them design a stall that gives all the sub-brands their own identity.

1. Communicate clearly:

Your exhibition stall designer needs to understand clearly which the main brand is and what the sub-brands to it are. One of the most important parts of your exhibition stall is its fascia. It should communicate clearly the correct brand name (preferably the main brand). If placed at a height, your stall fascia can be seen even from a distance, giving you an identity & evidently distinguishing it from others.

2. Zero down on the sub-brands & their prominence in the space:

Prior to briefing your exhibition stall designer, make sure that you are clear about which sub-brands are to be exhibited and their prominence. Sub-brands tend to have a different identity apart from the main brand, thus having different colors and feel. You need to make a note that while exhibiting your sub-brands, they do not get lost in a stall, resulting in you ending up with a poorly planned stall.

3. Planning the layout with sub-brands:

Exhibiting multi-brands under one roof can be challenging as one has to make sure none of the brand goes unnoticed and speaks its own language. As said previously, consider noting down the prominence each sub-brand holds and communicate it to your exhibition stall designer. Choose between putting your main brand name on the fascia or all of the sub-brands on the fascia along with it. Area demarcation plays a very important role in case of multi-brands as they set apart each sub-brand giving them their own identity.

4. Visual prominence:

While exhibiting multi-brands, there is a higher possibility of the sub-brands losing their visual identity. You need to consider the colors of each sub-brand and how would they visually appear when placed near each other. In case a particular sub-brand must have a more visual prominence, you need to place others accordingly. The brands should be aesthetically placed next to each other.

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