Right Brief Crucial For Your Exhibition Planning

Planning an exhibition has many aspects to it. To initiate it right, brief your exhibition stall fabricator the right way! You can start with setting up a clear objective of participating in the expo. This objective will hence give you a direction to jot down your requirements both aesthetically and functionally. Second most important factor to consider is how much you are willing to invest in this exhibition- the Budget!

Below mentioned are the points that will help you to give an unambiguous brief to your stall fabricator:

1. Stall Orientation and Dimensions

The first and foremost step is to provide them with the updated floor plan with your stall location. This helps in clear communication of your stall orientation and gives a clear idea about the flow of visitors inside the hall. Pass on the dimensions of your stall in length x breadth along with the maximum height allowed for branding. In case, of an island stall, you can decide on how many sides to be kept open for entry.

2. Single Storey/ Mezzanine Floor

Whether you are opting for a single storey or a mezzanine floor, planning the layout is important. The structure for a mezzanine differs from that of a single storey. Thus, prior disclosure of your functional requirements inside the stall helps your stall fabricator to incorporate the same and design.

3. Take Home Impression of the Visitors

Now that you have set your objective for participating in the expo clearly, answering this would not be difficult. Communicate what impression you want your visitors to take home after experiencing your brand. The brand communication plays an important role in creating an impression in the minds of the visitors.

4. Product Details, Dimensions, Categories

Now coming onto the main purpose of exhibiting, the product display! Whether it be a huge machine or a small piece of jewellery, you must provide the exact dimensions of the products to your stall fabricator. In case of multiple product categories, explain your designer about the prominence each category holds. If there is a new launch, a separate display can be made to distinguish them from the existing product line. If you are planning to showcase some live products like machines or appliances, handover the details of the same.

5. Preferred Seating

For general seating you can go for a lounge seating for premium clients or with tables and chairs. For confidential meetings, you can opt for a semi-closed or a closed meeting room as required. You can also consider a bar type seating to attend your visitors and serve them a cup of coffee may be!

6. Need for a Storage/ Pantry                                                                              Planning to carry brochures and giveaways for the visitors? A storage room would prove to be beneficial for storing these items. A clean stall looks more presentable and professional in the eyes of the visitors. Thus, consider having a storage room in your functional requirements list.

7. AV/ Interactive display

Interactive stalls tend to attract more visitors and create a buzz. You can also consider having some kind of interactive technology in your stall. Holographic fans, 3D mapping, interactive walls are some options you can consider. Let them know if you require an Audio Visual or an LED screen to play your corporate/product video run throughout the show.

8. Catering & Hosting Services

You can ask your stall fabricator to arrange for catering services to serve your visitors some coffee with consumables. Also, the hosting services can be availed to greet and attend your visitors. They can help in easily registering all your leads without you missing out on any. A strong follow up plan must be handy to function post the show.

There you go! Now you know the points to consider to brief your exhibition stall fabricator the right way. This will help you communicate your requirements to your stall fabricator to help them visualize it for you in a 3D space. This will help you enhance your exhibition experience altogether. Click on the link below to check out our briefing sheet we send out to our clients to understand their requirements in depth.