Quick Tips for Better Exhibit Design

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Today tradeshows have become an integral part of marketing mix. Every company needs to stand out on the exhibition floor with a design which will help in Brand Positioning of the company.

Merchants have started signing – up for these international trade fair exhibitions where people from different countries come together to display their work. People from various industries participate in India and other countries to have a greater exposure for their brand and products.

Industries and companies are now giving greater emphasis on participating in good exhibitions and are putting a lot of effort in presenting their stand to their potential customers.

Exhibition stall design today, has reached a new level due to all the international exposure. Exhibition booth design and fabrication companies are becoming more and more professional towards that providing the corporates with conceptual and creative designs.

A good brief as to what is expected in the design needs to be communicated to give you effective results.

Following are the 7 quick tips for better exhibit design:

  • Get Clarity :. Decided the size & shape of the stall i.e. square or rectangle. The rectangle shape gives a good impact as compared to a square stall.
  • Look & Feel of the booth design: Decide whether it will be an Island stall, one, two or three side open stall, as this will make a huge difference in booth designing and brand exposure
  • Space Planning: This is the most important part of the exhibition stall designing. One has to plan the space for proper product placement, branding, live activities for good visibility. A good brief to the marketing person would help achieve the desired result
  • Cost Concern: The cost of the exhibition booth design and fabrication is based on the materials used. A high quality stall would have materials like wooden flooring, laminates, glass, steel, etc., whereas if one uses material like flex, paint, carpet etc, then it will be a cost effective stall
  • Appropriate lighting: The exhibition designer should take care of the lighting of the stand so that all the products and branding are in focus and the stand looks bright
  • Set-up: The exhibit design company should have a functional set-up with a proper office and fabrication unit with all the departments in place so as to manage the project professionally
  • Warehouse & Storage: The exhibition stall designing company should have its own warehouse & storage

Usually, booth designers take notes from the client’s discussions and then work around those ideas to design the ideal booth for them. The client gives an approval for the design. The presentation should give an idea of layout, product display, seating arrangement, etc and also about the materials used.

The design once finalized then goes to the production team to start the execution process. Thus, creating and designing a booth stall isn’t that simple as it looks. There is a lot of hard work and creativity that goes into it.


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