The Exhibition Design Agency Selection Primer – Tough Task Made Simple

Selecting a firm for exhibition stall design and fabrication can be a tough task. After all, exhibitions form one of the core components of the marketing mix for many companies. The investments in shows are massive!

According to The Global Association of The Exhibition Industry, globally, there are approximately 32,000 exhibitions each year, featuring 4.5 million exhibiting companies. Exhibitors and visitors spend around USD 137 billion every year on exhibitions, making it a significant global industry!

These statistics reinforce the importance of exhibitions for brands and businesses, irrespective of their size or scale. With a significant amount of investments in exhibitions, it is a given that brands expect the best outputs. But the catch here is that there are numerous steps, where companies need the help of expert irrespective of whether they are attending an exhibition for the first time or have been participating in exhibitions for years. This is where exhibition design agencies come to the rescue.

However, it can be tough to take your pick with several agencies offering similar services. We’ve made the tough task simple with this primer.

The following pointers will help you make an informed choice:

Ask the Right Questions  

The first point is to be prepared with a set of questions to ask the agency. Begin with asking which trade shows they have been a part of, how do they design, implement, install, and dismantle the stalls. Ask them about their experience in onsite project management, transportation, and setup arrangements.

Since aesthetics are an essential part of exhibition design, make it a point to understand how they come up with various concepts or customize the stalls. These questions will help you assess whether the firm is worth your investment or not.

A case in point is to ask about the places or countries where the agency has worked on various exhibitions. Greater their experience, smoother will be the sailing for you as they will have a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations of the shows, local laws, logistics, and everything in between. This will solve a lot of complexity for you.

Check Their Specialization

Different exhibitions and industries come with their own set of challenges. While some agencies offer their expertise in only one niche or certain types of exhibitions, others have an overarching experience in multiple industries and shows. The key is to opt for the latter as they will be quickly able to grasp what you want and help you gain a competitive advantage.

It is All About Customization

To stand out in an exhibition, your stall needs to appeal to the audience. Therefore, it is essential that you get it tailored based on the nature of your business. For this purpose, find out whether the agency has a team of seasoned designers, fabricators and other professionals who can understand your brand’s value proposition, your exhibition participation objectives, and customize the stall perfectly keeping your brand’s identity in the forefront.

Installation and Dismantling Support 

I and D (Installation and Dismantling) is one of the primary services you need to look for in an exhibition design agency. Find out whether the firm has a core team that can help assist you to install and dismantle the stall as it will ease the burden to a large extent. For instance, while the agency is busy setting up the booth, you can use the additional time to set up meetings or invite with prospects to your booth.

Check Their Reputation

While seeking an exhibition stall design firm, do reach out to a reputable firm. One of the ways to ascertain this is to ask about their most recent clients and see their portfolio of work. Many firms have case studies and testimonials on their website. You can take a look at the same or ask them to provide references of some of their clientele. This will help you understand the quality of services they provide. Zero-in on the firm that has a proven history of success, and you will never go wrong.

See Them in Action

The most reputable design agency will not only provide you references of their most recent clientele but will also have no qualms about you visiting their warehouse or office to understand their working methodology. Seeing them in action will give you a better perspective about how they are going to handle your stall design.

Settle for Agencies with In-House Teams

More often than not, exhibition stand design firms sub-contract the stand design or build to another firm. This will add to the charges; on an average, you may end up paying about 20% more. Also, you may never know when any last-minute surprise may occur! Therefore, always opt for a firm that designs, builds, prints, fabricates, installs, dismantles, and offers other services such as account management and project management via their in-house professionals. Also, this will ensure that there is less going back and forth in case of any issues that may arise. 

Look Beyond Costs

When it comes to selecting the best exhibition design agency, you need to go beyond the costs and the stall design. In fact, it is also about the type of people with whom you will be working with. This is why do your research and meet with the key professionals who will be helping in putting together a stellar stall for you in the exhibition(s) you are going to take part in. This doesn’t mean you need to compromise with the quality of the services! Yes, a reputable service provider is going to charge higher than others on the market, but in the end, you will get maximum returns on your investment.

For instance, they will not cut down costs by selecting inferior quality materials to increase their profit margins. With their experience, they will understand what works and what doesn’t. By choosing such firms, you will not feel short changed even by paying a bit more.

Hire Best Professionals for Stall Design and Fabrication, and More

Setting up a customized exhibition stall can get tedious. Therefore, consulting the best firms that take care of all your requirements right from stall design and fabrication to managing the logistics, installation, and dismantle, is the way forward. All you need to do is convey your objectives and brand values to the reputable service provider and derive the benefits without running from pillar to post!

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